About ARC

Animal Rescue Coalition

A dream to end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats

THE GOAL – Make Spay/Neuter Accessible to Everyone

With an abundance of animals and a shortage of homes, shelter dogs and cats are euthanized by the thousands every day. Our local shelters were no exception. Ira Barsky and Edward Sarbey wanted to end this crisis. So in 1999, they brought together leaders from local animal welfare organizations and Sarasota County Animal Services to make a plan. With collaboration, they found a way to spread the word and make a difference. They made spaying and neutering available to as many pet owners as they could reach. Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) was launched.

Co-founders Ira Barsky and Edward H. Sarbey


Hitting the Road

In 2002, ARC went on the road bringing Low-Cost Spay/Neuter surgeries to different locations. With their mobile spay/neuter unit, ARC was able to go where the animals needed them.

A Place to Call Home

In 2013 ARC opened a 3,800 sq./ft. fully equipped, state-of-the-art surgical facility. The clinic, formerly a machine shop, was specially configured to allow the staff to execute a nationally known Humane Alliance high-volume, low-cost operating model whereby every detail about surgical flow, kennel set-up, clinic layout and surgical tool placement had already been proven by this nationally recognized organization that is now a Program of the ASPCA. Clinic staff attended training in the Humane Alliance facility in Asheville, North Carolina and maintains a relationship with that organization to this day.

On the Road Again – Bringing the pets to us!

With the Clinic operations well in-hand, ARC decides it is time to expand their outreach. In 2015, with continued support from donors, generous grants and loving citizens, ARC purchased a specially designed transport vehicle to extend the reach of the clinic’s spay/neuter programs. The team at ARC is back on the road offering free round-trip transportation to communities within a 60-mile radius. Making monthly stops in Desoto and Charlotte County, the transport schedule will adjust to new locations as demand requires.

Helping Pet Owners and Helping Shelters

Dr. Lisa Tipton, Medical Director, and the clinic staff
ARC not only provides high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter services to pet owners, but also to our partners. We offer our Spay/Neuter program services to local shelters, animal service agencies and rescue groups for whom we further reduce our fees in the spirit of collaboration working toward a true “no-kill’ goal.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mary Dietterle

Executive Director
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Lisa Tipton, DVM

Medical Director
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Ashley Kaczmarek

Front Office Manager
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