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Artist Mariana Cotten Creates ARC 20th Anniversary Gala Painting

Oct. 1, 2018 – For two decades Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) has been fulfilling its mission of reducing the unfortunate euthanizing and suffering of unwanted puppies and kittens by making high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter procedures accessible to all. 

In honor of ARC’s 20th anniversary, talented local artist Mariana Cotten has come out of her 20-year retirement to create one of her most witty and charming works to date.  Entitled: “Let’s Celebrate” the work is inspired by ARC patrons’ many beloved pets, Cotten has imagined a glittering “coat and tails” event where felines frolic and canines caper.  Under the glow of a luminous orange moon and the twinkling lights of the historic former Burns Court Uva Rara courtyard, amidst the clinking of glasses and the hum of conversation, animals spring to life with visual verve… sipping champagne and dancing to the strains of a small musical ensemble.  Typical of Cotten’s paintings “Let’s Celebrate” evokes the finest traits of American folk art in a work that shimmers with rich, clear colors, lively and pleasing patterns and numerous captivating details.  It is a work of jazzy festivity and whimsy in which the magical seems possible – a more than apt theme for the work ARC does.   The painting will be auctioned at the ARC 20th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at Michael’s on East. 

For further information contact Shannon Flick at shannon@arcsrq.org. 


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