Create your Own Fundraiser

We can’t do it alone. Your ability to raise money and promote spay and neuter will always make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.

There are many ways to help raise money for ARC.

Whether it’s finding a local merchant to “host” a donation box, acting as an ARC DipJar Ambassador, or finding some creative way to get your friends and family to support ARC, YOU are saving lives.

And we want to help!

It can be as simple as creating a Facebook Fundraiser naming ARC as your charity, or as elaborate as organizing a “Spayghetti Dinner."

It’s completely up to you!

But we want to know about it!

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Here are some ideas!

Coin Drive:

This is especially good for students to do at schools- have everyone give them their change in the lunchroom. Set up a coin jar at the beginning of the school year and see how it grows.

Lawn Service:

While you are mowing your lawn, mow someone else’s- for a donation.

Pie Sales:

Much like bake sales, these are also popular. Especially around the holidays- take orders or set up a table at a busy grocery store or shopping center.

Wear Company Logos:

Tell companies that you will walk around wearing their hat or t-shirt for half and hour for a $25 dollar donation.

Brown Bag Lunch Day:

Everyone brings in their own lunch and donates the money they would have spent to ARC.

Flower sales:

Work with a local florist or wholesaler and sell bouquets, potted flowers or individual stems (carnations or roses) at your place of work or school.

Hat (or Cap Day):

This is good for schools. For a specified amount, the students can wear a baseball cap to school for the day.

Odd jobs:

Call on your neighbors and ask to do some odd jobs, such as fixing a rain gutter, shoveling their driveway, paint a fence, or rake their leaves.

Vacation Day Drawing:

Have a drawing for an extra vacation day or day off with pay. Get your company to agree to let you raffle off with the money raised from the chances to go to your team.

Ice Cream Socials:

Plan one at your place of work or for friends, asking for a donation to attend. Sell ice cream for dessert at your place of work.

Spayghetti Dinner:

Put together a spaghetti dinner at a local hall or club. School have done this with the help of their parents. The students take the tickets wait and clear tables.

Birthday Party with a Purpose:

Individuals have had birthday parties and on the invitation, they state in lieu of gifts, please bring a check made out to ARC.

Game Night:

Have a game night- much like a party with a purpose. Everyone comes to your house to play board games, charades etc. Charge an “entrance” fee.

Movie night:

Invite your friends over for a night at the movies. You provide the popcorn and soda and charge admission. Or have a movie week during lunch hour at work. Charge admission and invite employees to eat their lunch while they watch.

Sports Tournaments:

Organize bowling, hockey, basketball, soccer, and other sports tournaments.


Put together a live or silent auctions. Combine it with a whole event, work with an auctioneer who will donate his/her time and hold a live auction.

Matching Gifts:

Ask your company to match what you raise. Some companies have a matching gift policy, check to see if yours does. If they don’t ask them anyway.

Block Party:

Put together an old-fashioned block party in a parking lot, or close off a neighborhood street (with permission). Have a band donate a few hours, have a BBQ, do face painting, offer hay rides etc. Have fun and raise money for your team.

Dog Walkers:

Walk the neighborhood dogs for a donation. Many pet owners would appreciate the opportunity to let someone take their dog for a long walk.

Garage Sales:

Work individually or as a team to set up garage sales- clean out your attic and raise money for ARCat the same time!

Percentage of Sales:

Designate a percentage of one day’s sales or proceeds and let the public know so they will buy more.

Vending machines:

Coordinate with your vendor to add .05 cents to the cost of a snack or soda, with the extra nickel going to your team total.


The easiest way to raise money is to ask your friends, neighbors, relatives and anyone you know to make a donation.

Donut Days:

Students have done this, where they get donuts donated from a bakery every Friday, and sell them at school.

Jewelry Sales:

Work with a wholesale company to sell jewelry they don’t wear anymore and have a jeweler clean it up for you, then have a sale.

Yard Sales:

Be sure to post signs that all the money raised is going to ARC. Combine with a bake sale for bigger impact!

Car Washes:

This is another good idea for students as well as adults. Especially in the spring when everyone wants the mud off their cars. Try saying “donations accepted” instead of charging a set price.

Pet Fashion Show:

Have a pet fashion show where you give everyone’s pet the opportunity to flaunt its favorite outfit. Charge admission and vote for best outfit, matching outfits (owner and pet) wildest outfit etc.

Super bowl party:

Have a super bowl party and ask everyone for donations when they get there. It is certainly worth it after all the trouble you go to organize the party and provide the refreshments. The same can be done for the NCAA Championship basketball game, Indy 500, Masters final round etc. Great idea for the team member with a big screen TV!

Wrap Presents:

During holiday time (Christmas or Mothers Day) set up a booth at a local mall, plaza or busy department store.

Bake Sales:

Hold a bake sale at work or at a busy place.

Dress Down Days:

Many businesses have been dong this, where their employees can dress down for a day if they make a certain donation. This is also happening at parochial schools or other schools that require uniforms. For a specified donation, the student doesn’t have to wear a uniform to school that day.

Money Jars:

Set up money jars or coin boxes at your place of work. This is good for banks, diners/restaurants hairdressers, and stores. Check back to empty frequently.

Art Sales:

Have preschool and elementary students produce great art and have a show. Parents and friends buy back their budding artists’ masterpieces.

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