Special Funds

For those who, like us, dream of a world where every cat and dog is precious and where euthanasia no longer has a place in society,
ARC can offer you tangible ways to put your donation of $500.00 or more to work
Spay/Neuter Sarasota


Do you want to help us reduce euthanasia rates in this part of Florida? Your donation will be allocated directly to spay/neuter surgeries.

donate Learn About Spay/Neuter
Ready Set Rescue Program

Ready Set Rescue!

Your donation to Ready, Set, Rescue! can benefit all of the rescue groups in the community who work tirelessly to find homes for the homeless.

donate Learn About Ready Set Rescue!
Feral Cat Program Sarasota

Romeo's Feral Cat Fund

Do you want to keep feral or community cats healthy and control colony size? This donation will go toward surgeries for feral, community or free-range cats.

donate Our Feral Cat Program
Pet Emergency Medical Fund

Emergency Medical Fund

Do you want to help a homeless pet with a medical issue find a forever home? When you donate to ARC’s Emergency Medical Fund you are helping shelter animals get the medical care they need to get them ready to join a loving family.


Good Neighbor: Desoto County

Do you want to help families in surrounding counties access Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries? Desoto County does not provide any resources for low-income resident pet owners. Your donation will provide surgeries for residents who meet our standard low-income criteria.


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