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Spay and Neuter reduces the number of animals being born into a world that already has too many homeless animals. Your monthly gift will help ensure that spay/neuter continues to be available to every pet owner and every rescue, so homeless animals will the time they need to find a loving home.

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Spay and Neuter is the foundation of creating a no-kill community, and while monthly donations to national organizations help spread that message, those dollars rarely find their way back to your community. In the past few years, several national animal welfare organizations have redirected funding away from this area. Sadly, others have reduced the amount of money they allocate to spay/neuter nationwide.

By choosing to be a Paw Patron, you keep your monthly donations local.

You are making a commitment to the animal welfare groups in your community by ensuring
that spay and neuter continues to reduce the number of homeless animals right here in Florida.

Paw Patron Rewards

Invitation to Annual Clinic Open House

Regular updates from the Clinic Staff

ARC Paw Patron Bumper Sticker

Help us put an end to all of the excuses…

It will mean that ARC will be able provide free/low-cost surgeries, eliminating

- “It’s too expensive.”

It will keep our transport on the road providing free round trip transport, stopping

- “It’s too far.”

Your monthly donation will help us continue to provide low-cost services to responsible owners who would otherwise not have the means to spay/neuter their pet.

Unaltered animals mean unplanned litters. These puppies and kittens will end up in the county shelters or worse, abandoned on the roadside or in a dumpster somewhere.

As a Paw Patron

you will help ARC ensure that every pet owner and local rescue group can access low-cost, high-quality spay and neuter. Your support will mean that fewer animals will be born in to a world that has no room for them; that no animal has to give up its life to make room for another.

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