Making their lives a little easier

Here is what ARC can do to help with feral (homeless) cats in your neighborhood

ARC’s Feral Cat Program directly saves and improves the lives of countless feral and community cats in this part of Florida. Volunteer trappers use the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return method (TNVR) for helping cats. It is the nationally recognized humane alternative to conventional trap-and-kill methods.

How Does the Program Work?

By bringing these cats to our clinic for sterilization and returning them back to their colonies and caregivers, you help lessen the burden of pet overpopulation in your community. You also make the lives of homeless cats less stressful.
  • Trapping Volunteers bring feral cats to ARC’s spay/neuter clinic in a humane trap.
  • ARC intakes feral cats Monday through Thursday, 9am to 11am. Pick-up will be assigned for the following day.
  • Each cat will receive a spay/neuter surgery, a vaccination for rabies and FVRCP Vaccines.
  • The left ear tip of each cat is snipped off. This is called tipping. It is a nationally accepted standard that identifies that a feral cat has been sterilized and vaccinated for rabies. It prevents cats who get trapped more than once from inadvertently enduring a surgery they did not need.
  • Discharge and caregiver instructions are provided at the time of pickup.

ARC further subsidizes these surgeries through “Romeo’s Feral Fund.” Donations made to this fund go directly to TNVR services.

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Contact 941.957.1955

for more information regarding trapping, trap rentals and our TNVR program
  • We offer free trap rentals at our clinic if you do not have a trap available
  • Come to the clinic to pick up traps and find out more about TNVR

Do you have feral cats in your neighborhood?

This female cat produced 3 litters in just one season until she was trapped and spayed. Note her tipped left ear that identifies her as a spayed cat. She warmed to human companionship and three square meals and now enjoys life indoors.

Benefits of TNVR

  • Neutered/Spayed feral cats are less likely to exhibit behaviors that make them unwelcome in your neighborhood. You will see a decrease in howling, fighting and spraying.
  • Vaccinations will reduce sickness within the colony and further protect the companion animals in your neighborhood.
  • Rabies vaccinations will protect residents from contracting the disease from a chance encounter with a somewhat friendly feral.

Identifying Feral Cats

Feral cats are cats which have been abandoned by owners, lost or born fending for themselves. Offspring of those cats born in the wild are also feral. But feral is a behavioral characteristic. A cat can be feral at one point of its life and not another. Sometimes called “community cats” or "free range cats” some can become quite friendly with human contact.

Good samaritans and trapping volunteers help locate feral colonies or individual cats and humanely trap them.

When you take the time work on TNVR...

You have the complete satisfaction of knowing that you are an integral part of improving feral cats’ lives.
You are stabilizing colony populations and creating a more sustainable, less stressful environment for the cats as well as the people who care for them.
You foster compassion in your neighborhood and the community by ensuring humane treatment for all animals.
The Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return method is more effective and less costly than repeated attempts at extermination. Costs for repeatedly trapping and killing feral colonies are far higher than promoting stable, non-breeding colonies in the same location. Vacated areas are soon filled by other cats who start the breeding process over again.

How Can You Get Involved?

Keep your cats indoors

Spay or neuter your own pets and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Become a Volunteer Trapper

Trap and bring feral cats to ARC’s spay/neuter clinic in a humane trap. Encourage others to do the same.

Tell People About ARC

If someone you know is caring for feral cats, let them know about our services. Education is the key, so make others aware.

Support Romeo’s Feral Cat Fund

Your contribution will make it possible for TNVR to reach under resourced communities.

ARC further subsidizes these surgeries through “Romeo’s Feral Fund.” Donations made to this fund go directly to TNVR services.

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