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Getting to the Clinic

We Go Where the Animals Need Us


While our clinic is located in the eastern part Sarasota County, our reach extends through several surrounding counties. We can now reach outlying communities with our specially designed transport vehicle. Our team can be seen driving out to Desoto County or down to Charlotte County each month to transport our “patients” to and from their families.

How It Works

  • Just call us to book your appointment and tell us you are interested in the free transportation. Our schedulers will register you and give you information about our transport schedule and pick-up locations
  • You and your pet meet our veterinary technicians at the confirmed central location around 7:30 in the morning, complete the paperwork, make any required payment and your pet will be loaded onto the transport. Dogs will be placed in carriers. WE ASK THAT CATS ARRIVE IN CARRIERS
  • Your pets will arrive at our clinic, have their scheduled procedure and be returned to you either the same day between 4 and 5pm or at 7:30 am the following day, depending on distance and/or number of animals scheduled.

Does your community need transport services?

Arrange transport for your community

If you are aware of a community that has a large number of dogs and cats that would benefit from placement on our transport schedule; or if you would like to coordinate one for your own community, please contact us at 941.957.1955 to get more information about our transport program and to find out how to get on our schedule.

Capacity and Special Booking

A typical transport trip will carry 18 to 23 animals depending on type and size. To request a special booking, there is a minimum of 15 animals required.

Think your community would benefit from a transport schedule? Interested in coordinating a transport schedule?

Call 941.957.1955 to schedule a pick-up location or more information about our transport program

Pick up locations will be revisited monthly while the demand for services continues. Once the demand subsides, our team will identify areas with a similar need.

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