Violet Louise

Ms. Violet Louise


When a small feral kitten was spotted by a trapper with avery painful-looking eye, she knew she had to do something. That's when shereached out to Maggie our program manager. This trapper uses us regularly forour feral cat spay and neuter program, but this was a special case as Violetwas too sick to be spayed and she didn't know who else to contact.


Maggie reached out to the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch to see ifthey would accept her into their adoption program if we footed the bill for hermedical needs. They agreed right away to help little Violet, she was very sick,but we could all see she was a fighter and would become a wonderful pet ifgiven the proper treatment. Our receptionist Michelle decided she wanted tofoster her so our doctor could see her during the week. Violet became a part ofthe team very quickly and even though Dr. Ashley tried to save the eye it wasdecided it was in her best interest to perform an eye enucleation or eyeremoval surgery. This surgery was estimated to cost upwards of $3,000 ifperformed by a primary veterinarian. Once Violet's eye was removed, she was nolonger in so much pain and her personality began to shine. She is a very spunkyconfident kitten and kept our receptionist in line as she supervised them everyday. Our IT man Bobby came to do some computer maintenance for us and noticedViolet ruling the front desk. As time went on he couldn't get her out of hismind and knew she was meant for his family. Once she was available foradoption, he went to the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch and signed thepaperwork. Violet is now called Leela and not only has a new human family butalso a dog named Shadow. Don't worry she is still the boss, and everyone knowsit! It is thanks to donors just like you that we were able to give this kittena chance at a life full of love. Our Emergency Medical Fund is meant for petsthat without lifesaving medical treatment may never make it to the adoptionfloor.