If you’re like us, you’d take home every animal waiting in a cage. Help us give these animals every chance to find a home.
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One time

Your one time donation will help support our mission of ending needless killing of animals and help them find homes.


Your monthly donation helps sustain ARC and allow us to maintain and grow our services and programs for pets and their parents.

Round up

Donate your change from every day purchases. This will help to support our mission and the community.

Ways to give:

Corporate Giving

Your company cares about what you care about. Your employer might help you save the lives of homeless animals by matching your donations to ARC or they can help ARC extend life-saving programs through sponsorship of events and materials.

Matching Gifts:
Companies of all sizes match the donations their employees make to nonprofits. When your company offers a matching gift program they are empowering you to tell them which nonprofits are doing good work in your community.

Corporate Sponsorships:
Working with ARC allows your company to support local residents and many different animal welfare organizations at the same time.

Planned Giving

Guardian Angels are dedicated friends of ARC who have committed to leaving a legacy of financial support through a bequest or other planned gift arrangement.

Including ARC in your estate planning will mean that spay/neuter and medical care programs will continue to be available to reduce the number of animals landing in shelters. Local rescues will continue to have a partner to turn to for low-cost spay/neuter services and other collaborative support as they work to place animals in loving homes.

Your legacy will help serve all the rescues who have come to rely on ARC for spay/neuter services.

Your gift will ensure that families with limited financial means will always have ARC to turn to when they need care for their beloved pet.

Paw Patron Monthly Giving

Spay and Neuter reduces the number of animals being born into a world that already has too many homeless animals. Your monthly gift will help ensure that spay/neuter continues to be available to every pet owner and every rescue, so homeless animals will the time they need to find a loving home.

Become a Paw Patron:
Your monthly donation will help us continue to provide low-cost services to responsible owners who would otherwise not have the means to spay/neuter their pet.Unaltered animals mean unplanned litters. These puppies and kittens will end up in the county shelters or worse, abandoned on the roadside or in a dumpster somewhere.

Paw Patron Perks:
- Invitation to Annual Clinic Open House
- Regular updates from the Clinic Staff
- ARC Paw Patron Bumper Sticker

Create Your Own Fundraiser

There are many ways to help raise money for ARC. Whether it’s finding a local merchant to “host” a donation box, acting as an ARC DipJar Ambassador, or finding some creative way to get your friends and family to support ARC, you are saving lives.

It can be as simple as creating a Facebook Fundraiser naming ARC as your charity, or as elaborate as organizing a Spayghetti Dinner. It is completely up to you, and we want to help!

Contact for information about logo usage, donation box and DipJar availability, or social media hashtag information.

Cat on hind legs being pet

Donate Supplies

Our busy clinic has a list of supplies on Amazon that are needed on an ongoing basis.

Buy a few items on Amazon and have them sent straight to our clinic or drop them off yourself and say hello.

Special funds:

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Your donation to the Spay/Neuter Fund will help support spay/neuter surgeries for public clients.

Cat in crate

Ready Set Rescue!

Your donation will help our rescue partners by covering the cost of spay/neuter and vaccines for the animals that they have transferred from Manatee, Sarasota, and DeSoto county shelters.
Cat with head tilted

Romeo's Feral Cat Fund

Your donation to Romeo’s Feral Cat Fund will help pay for services for cats brought through our Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program.

Smiling dog

Emergency Medical Fund

Your donation to the Emergency Medical Fund will help shelter animals get the medical care that they need so that they can find their forever families.
Man and child cuddling a small dog

Transportation Fund

Your donation to the Good Neighbor Fund will help families in DeSoto and Charlotte county access low-cost spay and neuter. These counties do not currently have resources available for low-income pet residents.
Small, smiling dog being held by a member of the United States military

Where your dollars go

Your donations go directly toward making spay/neuter available to everyone, including your favorite local rescue.

$5 provides an E-collar (aka “The Cone of Shame”)
$15 provides a needed vaccine or microchip to a cat or a dog
$50 provides a spay/neuter surgery for one cat
$75 provides a spay/neuter surgery for one dog
$100 provides for a Full Service Feline: surgery, microchip, and vaccines
$125 provides for a Full Service Canine: surgery, microchip, and vaccines

Check out our platinum Guidestar rating

Guidestar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information, awarded ARC its highest level of recognition - The Platinum Seal of Transparency. The Platinum Seal recognizes our continued commitment to full public accountability for our work. By sharing mission-focused metrics, we give our supporters meaningful data to independently evaluate our performance and results.
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For an even more in-depth review of ARC’s history and programs check out our profile on the Giving Partner.

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